Sportsmobile’s Cody and Crew Raced Through My Issues

Bean and I with van rolled into Sportsmobile about 8:00 AM after our overnight at Cracker Barrel. We crowded into the always-jammed parking area full of folks like me getting minor improvements, newly-built vans waiting for delivery and cars of those dreaming of their own Sportsmobile van.


Cody and crew jumped right on my to-do list.

 Cartridge-Toilet-Compartment Keys, Please

When I arrived at Sportsmobile, I had still not found those troublesome cartridge-toilet-compartment keys although I had unpacked most of the van the night before. I remember putting both keys in some clever place – apparently, too clever.

Using the trial and error method, Cody determined that there are about 20 different keys and found one in their inventory that matched. When I find mine I will replace Sportsmobile’s. I’m still looking. Next week I will totally unload; so hopefully, the keys will turn up. In the meantime, I can pee stress-free.

Another Table Pedestal, Please

I had chosen the short table pedestal because it’s makes the table perfect typing height with the keyboard connected to a 32-inch monitor that pulls out from the wall. But, I learned that shoveling food into my mouth is better done with a taller table. Solution: interchangeable pedestals. Thanks.

I’ll Keep My Hair, Please


The little thingie shown in the picture is about one inch by 4 inches. It is part of the cellular booster that enables any cell device in the van to get better coverage. It is attached to the ceiling between the cab and the living area. The original glue simply melted leaving the sticky thingie hanging in the perfect position to catch my hair time after time. Sportsmobile’s solution: cleanup sticky mess on the ceiling then reattach with better adhesive (I hope). I don’t know how well it is going to work because I am beginning to like the blue masking tape that holds it in place until the adhesive is dry. No more pulled out hair.

Trim Shelf, Please

The kitchen cabinet has a shelf that was too big to fold out when the sofa cushions were properly placed. All it needed was a good trim.

The What’s Rattling Game

My van had a loud solid-sounding rattle near the kitchen, which is on the wall of the van’s sliding door. Such rattles are a continuing battle between a motor homer and her rig. The first suspects are things packed in the motor home. I had padded and wedged until I was confident that my stuff was not the cause. Cody and crew tightened things and test drove time through several iterations until the rattle had much diminished, but not gone. The main culprit was the van’s sliding door, which was decidedly loose. The kithen’s outside fold-down shelf was also tightened. I am still driving and listening for more causes.


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