This blog/website is about my life and interests from RVs and RV travel to pugs to PC history to new product sales forecasting. Long term, I plan to consolidate several of my scattered websites under this umbrella.

Me in Brief

Geek grandma, tech market forecaster, Windows 10 developer with pug. 40 years of forecasting and still counting. I’ve learned a few things…again, again and again…

CV Summary

Portia Isaacson Bass is principal consultant of Bass Economics, Inc., which consults on new digital technologies especially on models for forecasting technology evolution and new-product sales. Dr. Bass also serves as an expert witness in computer, telecom and semiconductor litigation. She is also engaged in scholarly research in mathematical and empirical foundations of new information-technology product forecasting (e.g., diffusion, technology, architecture, sales, prices). She is executive director of Bass’s Basement, a not-for-profit (501c3) corporation, dedicated to research and education concerning new-product sales forecasting.

Dr. Bass is a pioneer technology and market analyst in the computer, telecom and semiconductor industries. Her particular expertise includes personal computer markets, mobile computing markets (laptop computers, tablet PCs, netbooks, battery, DSP, pen and touch); PC components and peripherals markets (microprocessor, DRAM, GPU, DVD drives, printers).

With physics B.S., computer-architecture Ph.D., marketing-science scholarly publications and current hands-on data analytics and market forecasting skills, Dr. Bass is particularly qualified to assist companies in market analysis of complex technology markets.

Her clients have included hundreds of companies, for example, AT&T, Canon, Disney, IBM, Intel, Mattel, NCR, NEC, Philips, Samsung, Sony, Texas Instruments (TI), Toshiba and Xerox.

Dr. Bass’ market and technology forecasts of emerging high-tech products and services have been used by thousands of high-tech companies since 1980 when she founded Future Computing, Inc. Future Computing was the leading publisher of personal-computer industry business information when it was acquired by McGraw-Hill in 1984.

Long Resume of Portia Isaacson Bass, Ph.D.

Current Activities

Forecast Joy

Forecast Joy has two activities, namely:

  • The blog forecastjoy.com
  • Building a Windows 10 UWP app for tech market forecasters

Bass Economics Inc.

Bass Economics, Inc. provides the following services via consulting engagements:

  • forecasting new product sales,
  • technology forecasting,
  • technology product market analysis and
  • expert witness services as well as litigation-related consulting.

” Generally, I have retired from Bass Economics; however, I am not good at declining really interesting opportunities…. Portia”

Bass Basement


Bass’s Basement Research Institute is dedicated to basic research and education concerning new-product diffusion and sales forecasting as well as preserving and disseminating the research contributions and philosophy of Professor Frank M. Bass.

The name “Bass’s Basement” reflects Professor Bass’s research spirit and philosophy. Starting in mid 1965, while a professor at Purdue, he held a Ph.D. student seminar in the basement of his home, which was near the campus.

 Corporate Structure

Bass’s Basement Research Institute is a not-for-profit (501(c)3 Texas corporation) funded by tax-deductible contributions and supported by volunteer efforts.  “Bass’s Basement Research Institute” is a DBA for “Frank M. Bass Institute”, the legal name of the corporation.





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