Forecast Joy’s Interactive Bass Model App Updated to Save Model Data to Excel

App Can Now Export to Excel

After calculating and refining a Bass Model curve to obtain a forecast that you judge to be reasonable, select the Export tab, then click the Export to Excel button to save an Excel spreadsheet of the Bass Model series data.

Latest App on Forecast Joy App Page

These blogs will each use the latest version of the Forecast Joy App and may use a variant especially designed for the subject of the blog.  In any case, the latest and most complete version will be on the Forecast Joy App page.

Features Coming Soon…

  • Higher resolution sliders for choosing and refining p, q and M parameters.
  • Export to Csv and Txt formats.
  • Choice to export formulae with series data.
  • Choice to export charts.
  • Choices to set series labels according to the  meaning of quantities, for example, Cumulative Adoptions can be installed Base, Systems/Devices-in-Use or Subscribers depending on the type of product/service being modeled.
  • Database of example Bass Model parameters for historical products and services.
  • Option to add calculations for replacement purchases.
  • Option to add calculations for churn.
  • Option to model sub-category mix.

Please make suggestions for features in comments.

How I Built this Gadget

In general, I used Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 to create a Silverlight gadget, which is hosted in this blog page. The Silverlight gadget is based on three Telerik Silverlight controls: ChartView, Spreadsheet and RibbonView as well as sliders, buttons and textboxes.

The Export to Excel features implemented here was particularly simple to do because the Telerik Silverlight Spreadsheet control supports exporting the grid contents to Excel.  It also supports exporting to Csv and Txt formats, which I will implement soon.

Because it has some particularly desirable features, I am considering using the  SpreadsheetGear for Silverlight instead of the Telerik Spreadsheet control; however, I am concerned about responsiveness on updating the grid and charts when using the Bass Model parameter sliders.  That will require some testing, which I will share in a future blog post.

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