Which MB Sprinter Options?

Did I pick the right MB Sprinter options? Probably, but I still have nightmares that something critical might have been omitted. The fact that Chad Clark, Mercedes-Benz Grapevine, and Paul Meyer, Sportsmobile, had worked together before on custom Sprinter-based camper vans gave me confidence. Both answered all my questions and reviewed my van specifications multiple times. Nonetheless, I don’t know what I don’t know, which has been the cause of many of the less-than-perfect decisions of my life.

Since I must wait another month for delivery of my Sprinter, I might as well do a review of my selected options. Not that I can change choices at this point, but maybe I can stop the nightmares.

My MB Sprinter Option Choices

My van order shows that I selected 33 separately priced items. This large number of choices is because Sprinters are sold primarily as commercial vans, which have many more options than consumer vehicles.

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