ourfamiliycookbook.com Moved to Azure

OFCCover3My website ourfamilycookbook.com is a family history site based on the idea that food and family go together. My sister Veta and I wrote the first cookbook as a little book soon after the death of our parents. Some years ago, I created a website from the book.

The website has been hosted on a Web server at my house. Because I plan to be away from home for extended periods (my RV travels), I decided to move ourfamilycookbook.com to Microsoft Azure hosting. I had first tried moving it to Network Solutions Hosting, but was not pleased with the service. I am very happy with Microsoft Azure. It offers the latest Microsoft technology well-integrated with Visual Studio, my favorite Web development tool.

I spent about a half day moving the site to Azure, which required the following steps:

  • Creating a new Web App within my existing Azure subscription,
  • Copying the ourfamlycookbook.com files to Azure and
  • Routing the ourfamilycookbook.com domain name to the new Azure site.
 That was so easy that perhaps I should think about doing a long overdue update to the site. I wonder if I have enough interest to also do a Createspace book? Maybe.

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