MB Sprinter Sportsmobile Delivery Tomorrow

It has been a year since I ordered the Mercedes Benz Sprinter van about October 1, 2015. Six months later it was delivered to Sportsmobile in Austin. After another six months, I am now told that the Sportsmobile customization will be delivered to me next Tuesday, October 11, 2016, one year after I initiated the process – and twice as long as the original six -month plan. Half the delay was Mercedes, the other half Sportsmobile. On well, after all, it is a house and it is not unusual for house building to suffer delays. At least this little rolling house is being delivered at exactly the price that was estimated.

A lot changes in a year, but, unlike every house I have ever built or remodeled, I still want this nifty little motor home. I will load it with my pug Bean, a few computers and a change of clothes or two, then take off with only a vague plan of where I’ll go. It will be an adventure.

During this year of waiting, I’ve not been patient as much as I have just made myself so busy that I had no time for painful anticipation. I’ve been honing my Windows 10 development skills and have built some nice little apps. It’s been so fun that I will continue on the road.

I am flying to Austin with an amazing amount of luggage (shown below) most of which is stuff (e.g., big monitor, monitor arm) that is is be installed in the van at the last minute.


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