On the Road with Bean

Finnaly, we are on a real road trip. We are headed for San Antonio for some adventures with Veta (sister) then on to Houston for a weekend with Allen (son) and Malia (granddaughter).

I’ve spent the past few days packing and re-packing the van. It has plenty of space for a two-week trip, but I had fun exploring various ways of putting it together.

Where Did I Put that Key?

img_0374I now have big problem — I can’t find the key to the  cassette toilet. The key is required to unlock the outside compartment to empty the cassette. Later today when I get to my overnight stop, I’ll take apart all that packing until I find it or give up.

Bean’s Rolling Place

When we are rolling down the road, Bean is in his road bed. It is on the passenger-side floor. Above him in the passenger seat, is his buggy bassinet. He knows I am nearby so he is content. img_0372

In the above picture to the left top is the iPad that Iuse for navigation, which I prefer to the installed system (I’ll write about navigation later).  To the lower left is my knée.

We stopped at a Love’s so that Bean could sniff the grass and other things. And since I have misplaced the key to the van’s cassette toilet, I did the smart thing.







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