MB Sprinter Sportsmobile Delivery Tomorrow

It has been a year since I ordered the Mercedes Benz Sprinter van about October 1, 2015. Six months later it was delivered to Sportsmobile in Austin. After another six months, I am now told that the Sportsmobile customization will be delivered to me next Tuesday, October 11, 2016, one year after I initiated the process – and twice as long as the original six -month plan. Half the delay was Mercedes, the other half Sportsmobile. On well, after all, it is a house and it is not unusual for house building to suffer delays. At least this little rolling house is being delivered at exactly the price that was estimated.

A lot changes in a year, but, unlike every house I have ever built or remodeled, I still want this nifty little motor home. I will load it with my pug Bean, a few computers and a change of clothes or two, then take off with only a vague plan of where I’ll go. It will be an adventure.

During this year of waiting, I’ve not been patient as much as I have just made myself so busy that I had no time for painful anticipation. I’ve been honing my Windows 10 development skills and have built some nice little apps. It’s been so fun that I will continue on the road.

I am flying to Austin with an amazing amount of luggage (shown below) most of which is stuff (e.g., big monitor, monitor arm) that is is be installed in the van at the last minute.


Happy 10th Birthday to Malia!

Malia is my one and only grandchild. She is now 10 years old. This is enormously important because 10 is the first 2-digit year. OMG — she is practically 20!  You’ve come a long way baby.

Malia’s 10th Birthday Party

Malia’s bathroom mirror covered with graffiti and signatures: the girls were here
Malia 10 BD
Allen and Malia worked most of a week to shred 30 bags of confetti for Malia’s birthday.


bassbasement.org Moved to Azure Hosting

BassBasementbassbasement.org is the website for Bass Basement, which is a 501(c)(3) non-for-profit that provides educational materials about The Bass Model of new-product diffusion and the life of Professor Frank M. Bass. Since its creation in 2006, I had operated this website on a PC at my house. Because of my desire to travel, I have moved it to Microsoft Azure Hosting.

This site was a bit challenging to move because of the fact that it had a number of videos that made the site so large that the Azure subscription was pricey. To solve that problem, I moved the videos to YouTube and embedded a links to the YouTube videos from the Bass Basement Web pages. One video now on YouTube (below) is a speech that Professor Frank Bass made to Cuero High School Honor Students in 2006 shortly before his death.

ourfamiliycookbook.com Moved to Azure

OFCCover3My website ourfamilycookbook.com is a family history site based on the idea that food and family go together. My sister Veta and I wrote the first cookbook as a little book soon after the death of our parents. Some years ago, I created a website from the book.

The website has been hosted on a Web server at my house. Because I plan to be away from home for extended periods (my RV travels), I decided to move ourfamilycookbook.com to Microsoft Azure hosting. I had first tried moving it to Network Solutions Hosting, but was not pleased with the service. I am very happy with Microsoft Azure. It offers the latest Microsoft technology well-integrated with Visual Studio, my favorite Web development tool.

I spent about a half day moving the site to Azure, which required the following steps:

  • Creating a new Web App within my existing Azure subscription,
  • Copying the ourfamlycookbook.com files to Azure and
  • Routing the ourfamilycookbook.com domain name to the new Azure site.
 That was so easy that perhaps I should think about doing a long overdue update to the site. I wonder if I have enough interest to also do a Createspace book? Maybe.

Bass Economics Inc. Moved to Life Is a Lab

BE-onlyIn a first step to consolidate my scattered digital life, I have moved Bass Economics’ website to this blog/website. For many years, Bass Economics has provided expert witness services and litigation-related consulting in addition to occasional forecasts for new technology products. Moving Bass Economics website under this umbrella makes sense because this blog is about my life including all my interests from RVs and RV travel to pugs to PC history to new product sales forecasting.

I have always been more than a little scattered, starting more projects than I finish. The good news follows:

  • I have always finished on time when a client was involved.
  • I have finished just enough of my personal projects to be feel successful and be financially self sufficient.

I hope that the unfinished projects are just a symptom of creativity and incurable entrepreneurship.

Schedule Update on My Sprinter

Sportsmobile told me that many of their customers’ Sprinter orders are having the same schedule delays as mine and suggested that I not be surprised if there are more delays.

I can’t help wondering about the cause of such delay and scheduling inaccuracy. My van order was placed in the Mercedes-Benz queue about six months ago. What could happen to cause delays on such a long notice schedule? I have yet to think of a reason that suggests anything good about Mercedes-Benz management. I hope there is one.

Which MB Sprinter Options?

Did I pick the right MB Sprinter options? Probably, but I still have nightmares that something critical might have been omitted. The fact that Chad Clark, Mercedes-Benz Grapevine, and Paul Meyer, Sportsmobile, had worked together before on custom Sprinter-based camper vans gave me confidence. Both answered all my questions and reviewed my van specifications multiple times. Nonetheless, I don’t know what I don’t know, which has been the cause of many of the less-than-perfect decisions of my life.

Since I must wait another month for delivery of my Sprinter, I might as well do a review of my selected options. Not that I can change choices at this point, but maybe I can stop the nightmares.

My MB Sprinter Option Choices

My van order shows that I selected 33 separately priced items. This large number of choices is because Sprinters are sold primarily as commercial vans, which have many more options than consumer vehicles.